It doesn’t get much more polarizing than Azealia Banks. Exceptions come around every so often but, knowing how outspoken the Harlem-bred sensation has been from the get-go, there is virtually no room for comparison. 

The rapper took to Instagram yesterday to (yet again) announce the sequel to Fantasea, her 2012 mixtape that earned nothing but a good reception. On top of the new project, Banks also mentioned a new single titled, get this, “Kanye West.” Harking back to that comment about how polarizing some people can be, that is a name that surely appears on the list of exceptions. Though presumably not a part of the title, she wrote (F*ck him all day) right below it, not to give anyone the wrong idea.

Regardless, people in her comment section are raving, saying that this song will be the best thing they’ll hear all year long, with a couple of people even mentioning that it will make for a great birthday gift. What seems to be a spiteful new single is set to release on July 9th, with not much information being provided on the release of Fantasea 2: The Second Wave. For what it’s worthshe did caption her photo in reference to it saying “All summer.” 

While the Queen of the 212 is best known for her online controversies and often petty beef-searching, that could never diminish the expectations people have for this project, especially from an artist that offers such a steady discography. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for July 9th.