Azizi Gibson Drops New Song “Genesis”

Azizi Gibson has consistently delivered new heat since the beginning of 2021. Following the drop of his May single “Them?!,” the rapper intends to keep his parade of singles going with the release of “Genesis.

Gibson reflects on the state of race relations and the struggle for equality in his latest collaboration with AKTHESAVIOR. The theme is apparent, specifically during the interlude, when Gibson spits, “How the fuck everyone tryna be like us and never tryin’ give back though? I’m tired of the shit, give my motherfuckin’ props.” AKTHESAVIOR expands on the topic of police brutality in the second verse, rapping, “Cop is racist, still they on it, they hate to seein’ n***a ballin’…Matter of fact, even breathin’ satisfy when we ain’t coughin.”

Azizi Gibson‘s other notable hits include, “Barbie,” “Last Minute Trips,” and “Baileys + Bullshit.” 

Quotable Lyrics
Practice my passion, bleedin’ on every lyric
This shit from home, that’s my spirit
They try to ignore but didn’t know and judgin’ book appearance
Don’t get a trophy for the good, you do you supposed to do

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