As YFN Lucci awaits his fate from behind bars, his loved ones continue to fight for his freedom. The rapper is facing serious federal charges related to racketeering, gang activity, and murder, and while Lucci hasĀ denied his involvement, prosecutors have set their sites on the 30-year-old rapper. Boosie Badazz sat down with VladTV and discussed Lucci’s charges, and the Lousiana icon couldn’t believe that Lucci was wrapped up in this scandal.

“What I was telling you, Vlad? They can’t get you on this and that, that’s another example, Lucci,” said Boosie. “They can’t get you on this and that, okay. Guess what we gon’ do? We gon’ get you with some gang activity. Criminal activity.”

“Man, Lucci ain’t running no gang activity! Lucci ain’t no motherf*ckin’ gang activity!” Boosie exclaimed. “Man, you think Lucci runnin’ a gang. Man, bruh.” He couldn’t help but laugh at the thought. “I don’t know… When I first came to the A, I got put on what everybody was doin’, you know like, and I been around. I f*ck with n*ggas out here. I f*ck with all the rapper out here.”

“Lucci ain’t runnin’ no motherf*ckin’, you know, bruh, like, I don’t know what they mean by gangs,” he continued. Boosie believes that the way he views “gangs” is different than what authorities state they are. “N*ggas is just from a hood. Some n*ggas hood say Blood…bruh, n*ggas ain’t, bruh. Racketeering? Lucci?”

The disbelief was real for Boosie because he said he knows “way more rappers into gang sh*t than Lu!” Watch Boosie Badazz discuss YFN Lucci’s current cases below.