Never have a crime-oriented duo won hearts and minds are quickly as Reason and Cozz did following the release of “LamboTruck.” A highlight duet off the Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 project, the sinister caper centered around the plotted robberies of J. Cole and Top Dawg quickly became a fan favorite. Especially after hilarious footage surfaced of Cole’s first reaction, a clip you can check out right here.

Cozz & Reason ft. Childish Major – LamboTruck

Following the success of the Dreamers 3 album, many clamored for follow-up releases from Reason and Cozz, who actually teased a full-fledged collaboration album. And while details surrounding the mysterious tape have been admittedly scarce, it would appear the wheels of the proverbial Lambo Truck are beginning to spin. Cozz himself was recently seen in the midst of filming a music video, as shared in a post on Reason’s Instagram story. 

It’s unclear as to whether or not this video shoot indicates a full project is underway, but it wouldn’t be entirely surprising. After all, both Cozz and Reason have been vocal about its existence, and the former hasn’t released new music since he dropped Effected in 2018. In May of 2020, Cozz teased that “this project between me and reason gon be something special. Just wait on it.” Perhaps all that waiting is about to pay off — stay tuned for further updates on the oft-teased joint album from the “LamboTruck” masterminds.