Danny Brown, the mastermind behind acclaimed projects like XXX, Old, Atrocity Exhibition, and 2019’s uknowwhatimsayin? has officially turned forty years young today. Easily one of the game’s most creative, experimental, and all-around daring songwriters, it feels appropriate to give the Detroit rapper his flowers on this milestone occasion. 

Danny Brown

 Jason Mendez/Getty Images

While he might not be the most prolific, opting instead to move at his own pace, it’s part of why his discography has so few missteps. Everything he releases feels like a labor of love, a testament to Danny’s understanding of the album as an art form. Unsurprising, given that some of his key influences have ranged from Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked At Me to Radiohead’s Kid A, two projects not often cited in the greater hip-hop discourse. Simply put, Danny Brown has a different understanding of music than many of his peers; that’s not to say he can’t hang in a traditional sense, having lined his share of legendary posse cuts like “1 Train,” “Really Doe,” and “Detroit Vs. Everybody.” 

Though it’s unclear as to whether he intends on dropping off a new album this year, we’d like to make our appreciation known, wishing Danny some happy birthday vibes. Here’s to many more highlights from one of the game’s true risk-takers. 

Danny Brown

David Wolff – Patrick/Redferns/Getty Images