EarthGang Prep “Ghetto Gods” With “Aretha”

EarthGang‘s Ghetto Gods is on the way, and the Dreamville duo has come through to release “Aretha,” a new single from the upcoming project. Setting the tone is a bouncy and minimalist instrumental from Yudu Gray and Johnny Venus, who also has the honor of handling the opening verse. “‘Options’ dropped, barely made a sound, damn,” he spits. “I guess we let Nas and Cole down / Quarter mil’ was the bill, toughen your skin up / Failure is artist development.”

And that’s only the opening scheme, as Olu proceeds to fire off an incredible verse; though his rapid-fire flow is impressive in itself, the lyrics are what really shine. Dot picks up where he left off, catching a slick pocket. “Wish a ni*ga would, can’t wait to shoot / still fuck 12 and Dylann Roof,” he raps. “More verses, less interviews / This what I’m addicted to, this all I’m committed to.”

Check out the Gang’s “Aretha,” a promising sign of what’s to come on Ghetto Gods, and sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.


And you know, we all smoked some weed
Right before our eyes, they makin’ billions off of green
Black folks blowin’ smoke and we still ain’t feel seen
There’s people still locked up for life since seventeen
They say, “‘Lu, I ain’t no rapper, so you gotta say it for me
I ain’t no actor but you gotta tell my story”
And all of these feelings you got on your chest
You should get it off now ‘fore we lay you to rest

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