Baton Rouge rapper Fredo Bang has been speaking out during his multi-part interview with VladTV, speaking about why he requires $100,000 to perform in his hometown, and more. During the latest portion of his sit-down with the media outlet, the “Top” rapper spoke about how rappers tend to date in the same circles. That led to a conversation about Fredo’s own relationship with Dolly White, Young Thug‘s sister, which ended unsuccessfully a few years ago.

Vlad wanted to know about their relationship, asking why they broke up, and Fredo Bang had nothing but kind things to say about his ex. However, he pointed out her strong will as a reason why they eventually called things off.

“Dolly [is] a strong-spirited person,” he said about Thug’s sister. “So it could come off as toxic. I don’t know, it just got to a point where I felt like I was having high blood pressure. That’s my dog, though. I love her to death. She helped me through a rough time in my life… I love her, I got the most respect for her.”

During the same interview, Fredo also spoke about his calm nature, which he developed in jail. He said that, behind bars, people are always trying to get a reaction out of you, which is how he learned to push aside all the drama and keep his zen-like mentality.

Watch the video below.