Rapper Gunplay started selling cocaine when he was sixteen, opening up about kicking his addiction to the drug in 2013. He’s rapped about cocaine for much of his career, spitting rhymes about the street life and introducing his fanbase to his world, but his substance abuse has taken a toll on his overall health.

Cocaine is one of the most addictive substances around, so it’s impressive that Gunplay was able to kick his addiction to the curb. His long-term cocaine use hasn’t come without any side effects though, as the rapper revealed in an Instagram video this month.

A few weeks ago, Gunplay posted a video on his page, showing off the long-term effects of cocaine use. Every time he inhales from his nose, he makes a subtle whistling sound. Some fans have likened Gunplay’s nose whistles to Thomas the Tank Engine or a tea kettle. Maybe he should consider sampling his whistles on his next song?

“Healing process is a muthafucka,” wrote the 41-year-old rapper in his caption, admitting that his recovery has lasted for years as he attempts to live a clean lifestyle.

Watch the video below to see the long-term effects of cocaine use, as told by Gunplay, and don’t do drugs, kids!