When Ice Cube came by The Breakfast Club this morning, he had a whole lot to say. From the Big 3 starting up again to the thought of a Verzuz battle, he also shared details on the political work he’s been doing behind the scenes lately.

As far as the Verzuz front goes, he told Charlamagne tha God that it’s not something he’s against, but is simply out of mind at the moment, noting, “It’s not something I’m thinking about doing, but if it comes about, who knows. I ain’t saying yeah and I ain’t saying no.”

Ice CubeEarl Gibson/BET/Getty Images

He went on to talk about the evolution in battle rap, saying “It’s about showin’ love… My version of Verzuz would be: I pull somebody out there like Chuck D, and I play all the songs I love from him, and he play all the songs he love from me.” For betting’s sake, don’t count on the West Coast icon hopping on the trend anytime soon.

Otherwise, when it comes to bigger issues, he’s certainly keeping his ear peeled as he was this past year. In regards to his Contract with Black America, he mentioned “We’ve got some interesting things we’re going to announce as soon as they develop. I just want to take it away from all the noise being made and really get some concrete things done, instead of all this talk and trolling back and forth.” With nothing too significant revealed quite yet, we can surely be expecting to hear more from him in the coming months.

Check out Cube’s full appearance on The Breakfast Club below.