Stock trading app Robinhood has taken a number of L’s this year as they’ve found themselves in the midst of criticism from users– however, they came out on top this week after a lawsuit against them filed by rapper Ice Cube was dismissed. The lawsuit, which was filed in March, claimed that the company used the rapper/actor’s face and signature line- “Check Yo’ Self”- in an unauthorized promotion for the company’s news platform, Robinhood Snacks. A judge dismissed the lawsuit for lack of standing.

The suit was filed when, in a blog post, the company used an image of Ice Cube along with the caption “Correct Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.” The actor argued that the caption was too similar to his “Check Yo’ Self” line, and that his likeness was used without consent. His team asserted that the unlawful endorsement was grounds for economic injury. 


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


Robinhood denied any wrongdoing, instead clarifying that the Ice Cube reference wasn’t akin to an endorsement: “No, we didn’t use his image without permission. The image was licensed and used for non-commercial, editorial purposes in connection with a blog article,” according to Arent Fox. 

The Judge agreed with the trading company, finding that the Ice Cube reference was solely an “illustration of an article about market corrections…[and did] not suggest [Ice Cube] endorsed Robinhood.”

Ice Cube’s team responded strongly with: “Calling blatant propaganda for Robinhood’s trading app and online services merely ‘editorial use’ shows someone needs to send their lawyer back to school.”

Ice Cube himself said that Robinhood was the “antithesis of everything he stands for,” calling their services “terrible.”

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