Joe Exotic might be behind bars but he’s getting ready to cash in on the cannabis industry. According to TMZ, the star of Netflix’s hit documentary Tiger Kingis on pace to launch his own line of cannabis products under Joe Exotic Cannabis. The former zookeeper began plotting on the cannabis brand last July, following the success of Tiger King, and putting the right plays in motion ever since. The motivation behind his new product is providing medicinal cannabis to people who need to ease pain from any illnesses. 

Exotic’s lawyer Brad Small said that Joe has partnered with Tango Hotel Charlie Group, LLC and Cannaxxs LTD for the launch of Joe Exotic Cannabis. While it’s incredibly doubtful that Joe has managed to test out the products himself, he has reportedly been involved directly with all business aspects. His lawyer said that he’s been communicating on behalf of Joe through calls and emails. The product largely consists of several companies coughing up the loot for the products with Joe’s brand on it.

Joe Exotic Cannabis line will include flower, CBD products, and edibles that will be available in California, Colorado, and his home state of Oklahoma where cannabis is only legal for medicinal use. 

Expect to see Joe Exotic Cannabis line at your local dispensary in these states in the weeks to come. Small said that a percentage of Joe’s profits to be donated towards captive tiger care.