Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are the latest NFL superstars to grace the cover of the EA Sports Madden series, and fans are very excited about it. Madden 22 is set to drop later this year, and the MVP edition will have the last two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks sitting side by side. Brady and Mahomes had both appeared on the cover in the past, however, putting the two together was a move that very few people saw coming. 

With Brady gracing the cover, his former teammate Julian Edelman decided to take to poke a little fun at the star by harkening back to Madden 2000, when Brady wasn’t even represented by a name. As you can see in the photo below, Brady had no name or picture, and was simply referred to as “Number 12.”

“You’ve come a long way since “QB N0. 12,”” Edelman said jokingly. Of course, back then, Brady was not the star he is now, and at the time, he wasn’t exactly a highly-touted prospect. Brady was picked in the sixth round and he wasn’t given much of a shot to be a starter. In the end, however, Brady proved people wrong and went on to win seven Super Bowls.

As for Edelman, he has officially retired from the league and isn’t planning on coming back.

Tom Brady & Julian Edelman

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images