It’s about that time for another episode of Respectfully Justin to arrive, and this time, it’s double trouble. The show is hosted by Justin Laboy but he gains help from his co-host Justin Combs, and they bring on celebrity guests who answer questions regarding all things related to relationships and sex. The discussions often go viral, and it’s expected for the recent appearances from Kash Doll and Rubi Rose to follow suit.

The two women in Rap sat down with the Justins in front of their all-women intimate studio audience and were pelted with questions, and some answers may have viewers clutching their pearls.

Out of the gate, the ladies were asked if they would hook up with a family member of someone they had sex with before, and both Kash and Rubi seemed to agree that was off-limits. Elsewhere, Rubi admitted that a man broke her televisions, her iPad, and her mobile phone, but she didn’t name who that may have been. 

While Rubi seemed shyer about the appearance, Kash Doll didn’t hesitate to jump in feet first. She spoke about once dating a man with 13 kids and offered up her take on why men buy expensive gifts for women. “Some of these n*ggas be doin’ it for—half the time they do the sh*t just for the clout.”

“‘She gon’ post it, I’mma get more b*tches,’… n*ggas is lame!.” Check out the conversation on Respectfully Justin below.