Kodak Black threw $100,000 of cash into the ocean, Tuesday night, in a video uploaded to social media. Fans online were outraged to see the exuberant amount of wealth thrown away.

“I Broke You Off When Dem Fuck Ni**as Wouldn’t Give You A Dime !!! I Ain’t Owe You Shit Ni**a I Just Wanted To See You Shine!!!” he captioned the video. “Yeen Never Gave Me Shit Ni**a I Had My Own Grind!!!”

“Someone tell Kodak that’s not how an offshore account works,” one fan jokes in response to the video.

Kodak Black, Antics
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

A day later, Kodak uploaded a video of himself clogging a toilet with $100 bills, appearing to total $1,000.

“We gotta stop giving some of these dumbass rappers a platform and money,” one user argued. “Kodak is Haitian and his country has going through numerous problems for decades imagine what his own country could of done with 100k?”

Another critiqued Kodak, writing “Hes from one of the poorest places in Florida and yet he rather impress people for views instead of giving that money to black poverty stricken families. This could be one of the saddest and out of touch videos I’ve ever seen.”

 Check out Kodak’s antics and the reactions below.