A rapper is facing serious accusations after a woman took to social media to share alleged stories of her interactions with him. On Tuesday (June 29) a woman who goes by the name “@teyonie” on Twitter shared a series of messages accusing the New York rapper of being physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually abusive. She detailed alleged experiences with Kota, real name Avery Jones, calling him a “predator.”

“Can we discuss how abusive and manipulative Kota The Friend is?” she tweeted. “This dude literally strangled me, forced himself on me sexually and put me through crazy mental abuse. He portrays himself to be this wholesome n*gga but in reality he’s a whole predator.”

Teyonie claimed that she has “physical screenshots [and] emails” to prove her case. “I have an actual audio recording of him while he physically put his hands on me,” she wrote. “A police report filed on March 17. I also have audio of him threatening to hire someone to hurt me if I were to retaliate.” She also stated that she’s known him for over six years and dated him, and while they did have instances where she admitted to having consensual sex with the rapper, she accuses him of sexually assaulting her after telling him “no.”

“Stockholm syndrome is real as f*ck y’all. This is a man that has been courting me since I was 16 and he was 21. Before the music career,” she said. “Sad part is I really didn’t even want sh*t to get to this point. I hate attention and I damn sure hate the idea of causing harm to other people. But it’s a bigger issue than me. He needs to be accountable for the trauma he puts women through.”

It doesn’t seem that Kota The Friend has responded to these accusations, at least not publicly. Read through her tweets in full below.

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