Both friends and fans of late rappers often defend their legacies. Although an artist may no longer be with us, their fandoms make sure to carry their banners long after their gone, and often, people draw comparisons between deceased rappers. Such was the case on No Jumper when Adam22 explained why XXXTentacion, who was shot and killed in 2018, and Tupac Shakur, who was murdered in a drive-by back in 1996, are alike. The conversation took place during an interview with Kurupt who asked Adam22 why he believed the two late rappers were similar.

Just as the No Jumper host was explaining himself, Kurupt jumped in to ask if he knew Shakur personally. Adam22 said no, and that’s where things took a bit of a turn.

Tupac Shakur, XXXTentacion
Ron Galella / Contributor / Getty Images

“How you gon’ saw cuz is like Pac, you ain’t even know [Tupac],” said Kurupt. Adam22 added that it had more to do with fans and such, but Kurupt jumped in again. “F*ck all of that, cuz. You don’t even know cuz. Don’t say somebody is like somebody you don’t know. You ain’t  been around cuz.” Things got tense for a moment, but Kurupt straightened out and joked, “See how people get emotional about that sh*t.”

Everyone began to laugh and Adam22 admitted that the whole time he thought, “Is this gonna be the viral moment?” The rapper replied, “You should have saw your face though, you were like, ‘Oh sh*t!'” Yet, Kurupt did explain why many Tupac fans would see it as an offense to compare him to anyone else.

“He’s dead,” said Kurupt. “You couldn’t say that if he was alive.” Check out the moment below.