This year’s NBA trade deadline was full of movement and it was also filled with a whole lot of contract buyouts for some key players. Among them was Andre Drummond, who was fully expecting his release from the Cleveland Cavaliers. After news of the buyout broke, rumors began to circulate that he would most likely be joining the Los Angeles Lakers, who were heavily recruiting him throughout the process. On Sunday, those rumors became reality as he officially signed with the team.

While speaking to reporter Michael Corvo of Clutch Points, Kyle Kuzma spoke about just how excited he is to have Drummond on the roster. He even explained how the team’s rebounding is insanely competitive and that teams are going to have a hard time winning boards. “I got somebody to battle with on the boards,” he noted.

Without LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the lineup, the Lakers needed some sort of spark, and Drummond should prove to be that player. He is a big man who can do big things in the paint, and there is no doubt that he will be of use throughout this key stretch of the season. Once the Lakers’ superstars come back, Drummond will be some much-needed depth for the playoffs.

With teams like the Nets loading up on players, the Lakers needed to keep up and so far, Drummond is their way of doing so.

Andre Drummond

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images