Lil Baby & Lil Durk Drop Video For “Man Of My Word”

Lil Durk is shooting money from a gun made out of money.

Coming off solid numbers and even better reception for their recent collab album, The Voice of the Heroes, Lil Durk and Lil Baby just released a video for one of the project’s standouts. 

In the visuals for “Man of my Word,” the two rappers are zipping back and forth between strip clubs and alleyways, riding in Chargers and McLarens and, last but not least, holding money directly to their forehead. When they aren’t holding it to their forehead, though, there’s a little virtual gun made up of hundreds that they shoot extra hundreds out of. Neat and practical!

Attempting to keep up with whatever outfits these two are wearing is almost nauseating, only because the shot changes so fast that it barely gives a chance to tell how many blisteringly shiny rings Lil Baby has got wrapped around his fingers. 

These two have been at the top of their respective scenes long before releasing their joint project, so much in fact that Brooklyn Nets superstar James Harden literally EP’d the damn thing. Going forward, what better way to further the hype train but make more material together? Oh, that’s right, going on tour together

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