Since July 2020, Lil Loaded has been facing harrowing circumstances. Last summer, the rapper spoke about being shot as he chatted with fans on Instagram Live. At the time, he taunted his assailants by telling them they needed to “do better,” and following the frightening event, he turned himself in to police on charges of murder in connection to an incident that occurred in October. Loaded denied the accusations against him and shared that he’s being made to look guilty, and in December, he was released from jail after posting $75K bond.

More information has been shared about Lil Loaded’s pending case as Dallas News reports that Loaded, real name Dashawn Robertson, has been indicted on the lesser charge of manslaughter. The 20-year-old stands accused of killing his friend, Khalil Walker, and according to investigators, Walker’s sister walked outside of her home to see the rapper and another person standing over her brother’s body. Authorities have also claimed that they have a video that reportedly shows the shooting take place.

 “There’s obviously no malice here,” said Loaded’s attorney, Ashkan Mehryari, as he also noted that his client and Walker were best friends. When the rapper first posted bond, he was placed under house arrest, but because he must travel for work, he’s since been removed.

It’s also reported that this isn’t the only case that Lil Loaded is facing as he is also dealing with a charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon. It’s unclear how much time Lil Loaded is facing if convicted of the manslaughter charge.