Ludacris impressed his fans and the internet at large when a video of him flying a plane hit the web. Though he’s a skilled MC and an accomplished actor, Ludacris has never really been seen as a pilot. The Internet ran with the narrative that Ludacris was a fully licensed and able to fly planes on his own.

That’s not the case. The rapper appeared on Ellen where he cleared the air on the viral clip of him holding it down in the cockpit. “The internet just ran with the fact that I have an official pilot’s license when they saw this video. I never said that, but who am I to correct the internet? The internet believes what they want to believe,” he said after clarifying that he was “just as shocked as everyone else.”

In all actuality, that was his first time ever driving a plane but that’s not to say he isn’t working towards it. “I actually own a plane, but for all of these years, I’ve never wanted to become a pilot, because you can’t drink alcohol within eight hours of flying,” he continued. “Who would want to go on a vacation and not drink before they leave? … Long story short, that’s the first of many, but I do plan to get my pilot’s license soon. It’s a work in progress, it takes some time.”

Regardless, it’s a pretty impressive feat to become a fully licensed pilot. Check out the clip below.