Ever since returning from injury, Donovan Mitchell has been having himself an incredible playoff run. The Utah Jazz star is carrying his team night in and night out, and with him in the lineup, the Jazz have yet to lose a game. In the first two games against the Los Angeles Clippers, Mitchell is averaging 41 points, which is definitely unexpected. His performances have many believing in the Jazz hype and at this point, they look primed and ready for an NBA Finals appearance.

Today, NBA legend Magic Johnson gave his opinion on Mitchell, and as you can expect, Magic likes what he sees. In fact, Johnson went so far as to say that Mitchell should be compared to future Hall of Famers like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and even Steph Curry.

“Donovan Mitchell is a bonafide superstar, scoring 45 points in Game 1 and 37 points in Game 2! We have to start mentioning his name more with the KDs, LeBrons, Stephs, etc,” Johnson wrote.

Mitchell still has a lot to prove before he gets on the same level as the LeBron’s and KDs, however, there is no denying that he has the ability to carry a team. If the Jazz were to win the title this year, then Mitchell’s legacy would be cemented, and Johnson’s tweet would be affirmed.

Donovan Mitchel

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images