Last night was the NBA All-Star Game and as per usual, we also got to see the dunk contest. This year’s edition of the contest had three-main competitors, including the eventual winner Anfernee Simmons, Obi Toppin of the New York Knicks, and Cassius Stanley of the Indiana Pacers. For the most part, each competitor delivered some competent dunks that showed off what each player is truly capable of on the court.

There are some fans who came away from the event feeling as though Toppin was snubbed, while others felt the same way about Stanley. Needless to say, this contest wasn’t even close to the same quality as the one we saw last year, which saw Aaron Gordon delivering some godly dunks.

As a result of the mediocre dunk contest, many fans on Twitter were not happy, and they voiced their displeasure. Even Magic Johnson was vocal about the contest saying “TBH this wasn’t the most exciting Slam Dunk competition I’ve ever seen.” Considering Magic is someone who always looks for positives, this is a pretty big indictment on the proceedings.

It was hard to find players willing to do the dunk contest this season, especially with how the judges typically treat the players. Not to mention, COVID made it harder for players to want to travel. Needless to say, these factors led to some underwhelming events.