His legal team is doing their best to make sure that he stays out of prison, and now there is more information being shared about NBA YoungBoy’s case. The rapper was arrested back in March in Los Angeles and he’s remained incarcerated after reportedly being denied bail. YoungBoy has been tacked with federal charges related to firearm possession but his team is calling foul on evidence submitted.

There have been many speculative reports about YoungBoy’s case in recent months, and Radar Online reported on Monday (June 28) that the rapper’s legal team claims that authorities “improperly obtained a search warrant.”

NBA YoungBoy
Cooper Neill / Contributor / Getty Images

According to the outlet, YoungBoy wants evidence located during the search tossed, noting that the charges arose from his September 2020 arrest. It was then that YoungBoy was in Baton Rouge reportedly shooting a video when a “concerned citizen” called the authorities. Police reportedly located several firearms and arrested 17 people, but the rapper’s attorney stated that the weapons weren’t found on YoungBoy but on the people he was with at the time.

Court documents reportedly state that YoungBoy’s team also question if a “concerned citizen” even called the cops because, they say, YoungBoy and his crew weren’t shooting a video. The rapper reportedly says he had a cameraman shooting B-roll footage in front of his grandfather’s house when police arrived.

“Law enforcement responded in overwhelming numbers in the form of police cars and officers, in such manner that was certain to create fear in these young black men and turmoil for the neighborhood where none existed prior to police display of force,” the rapper’s attorney reportedly said. “No probable cause or reasonable suspicion existed for most, if not all, of those arrested. Law enforcement disregarded their rights as they searched, seized, questioned, and trampled upon their liberty seeking a “crime” to charge Kentrell Gaulden.”

Youngboy’s lawyer also reportedly wrote in documents that the rapper wasn’t read his Miranda rights and accuse law enforcement of lying in reports. His attorney also wants the B-roll footage suppressed as it allegedly shows YoungBoy holding the very guns he’s charged with in his case. “This footage captures Mr. Gaulden’s private life in a very intimate way that would only be viewed by law enforcement if they had an embedded undercover agent within his closest inner circle.”

“The sheer volume of private information collected by law enforcement is particularly concerning as it is believed that the seizure of this equipment has placed law enforcement into possession of footage documenting Mr. Gaulden’s most private moments for the past year.”

A judge hasn’t ruled on these latest allegations, but YoungBoy reportedly continues to petition for bond.