Marvel’s attempt to connect all of its films to the streaming space, with its slew of Disney+ shows under the Marvel Cinematic Universe umbrella, is off to an incredible start, and fans of this ambitious overall effort are set to be fed for years to come. One of those upcoming projects is the Ironheart series, which was announced last December during Disney’s Investor Day.

Though information about the series is sparse at the moment, a recent scoop from The Cosmic Circus has added a level of intrigue to the series, which won’t start production until early next year. They’ve reported that the working title for the series is currently Wise Guy, which is a clear indicator that points to the character that started it all for the MCU – Iron Man. The wise-cracking, billionaire philanthropist-turned-superhero was portrayed by actor Robert Downey Jr. for 11 years before receiving the ultimate hero’s ending in Avengers: Endgame, sacrificing his life in order to win the final battle against Thanos and saving the day.

The character has been dead in the MCU for more than two years now, but his legacy has lived on in the entries since Endgame. His absence was essentially a plot line in Spider-Man: Far From Home due to the role he served in Peter Parker’s life as a superhero guide and mentor. And according to the comic books, Ironheart may be taking on similar cues for its main storyline because of its titular character. Riri Williams, who will be portrayed by actress Dominique Thorne, is a genius M.I.T. student who crafts a suit similar to Iron Man’s, which catches the attention of Tony Stark who endorses her desire to become a superhero.

A potential avenue for Tony Stark’s return after his death in Endgame could come in the form of a talking A.I., which was the case in Invincible Iron Man (2016) #1. The character already had a pre-recorded message serve as Endgame‘s final speech in the film’s epilogue, so something like an A.I. presence wouldn’t be foreign territory for Marvel, or for Downey Jr. to shoot some brief scenes for.

What do you think about the working title alluding to Iron Man? Would you like to see RDJ return to the MCU even after his tasteful sendoff? Let us know in the comments.