When they told us to “recycle, reduce, and reuse” in order to help save the planet, we’re sure that penis-shrinkage wasn’t a pollution concern. However, Dr. Shanna Swan, a reported environmental scientist and epidemiologist stated in her book Count Down that pollution could be causing men to have smaller penises. According to multiple outlets, Dr. Swan believes that the change in our environments has caused issues like babies being born with smaller genitalia, a loss of fertility, and men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Pollution, Penis, Dr. Shanna Swan
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Dr. Swan calls it a “global existential crisis” as this could factor into the survival of humankind. “In some parts of the world, the average twenty-something today is less fertile than her grandmother was at 35,” she writes in her book. “Chemicals in our environment and unhealthy lifestyle practices in our modern world are disrupting our hormonal balance, causing various degrees of reproductive havoc.”

The chemicals that have allegedly adversely affected humankind aren’t just from exhaust fumes and waste. Dr. Swan claims those harmful materials are found in kid’s toys, washing detergents, and certain food packaging, as well. “Babies are now entering the world already contaminated with chemicals because of the substances they absorb in the womb,” Dr. Swan said.

She also examined how these effects are passed from one generation to another. Men aren’t the only ones who have to deal with a set of issues as it’s stated that women’s sexual desire might also falter due to pollutants.