XXL announced their annual Freshman List on Wednesday, naming the lucky artists who are getting the publication’s co-sign in 2021. After monster years, Pooh Shiesty, Coi Leray, and Flo Milli were shoo-ins for this year’s tally, being joined by DDG, 42 Dugg, Morray, Blxst, Rubi Rose, Lakeyah, iann dior, and Toosii. 

As part of the magazine cover’s rollout, XXL always stages some entertaining content for fans to get to know the rappers better. They start by having them read mean comments before dropping the freestyles, cyphers, and more videos for the world to fall in love with the next generation. On Thursday, the mean comments portion was released and it didn’t disappoint, especially when Pooh Shiesty, 42 Dugg, and Coi Leray were clapping back.

The episode starts out with the ever-positive Morray responding to a fan who told him he dresses badly. Considering he just got his first whiff of money, Morray actually agreed with the fan, saying he’s not used to designer clothing yet. Then, Pooh Shiesty faced the inevitable “Poop Shitty” comment, to which he responded, “Fuck you dude” with his middle fingers up.

As you would expect, when the camera got to 42 Dugg, the rapper was given a comment about how he doesn’t qualify because of how short he is, to which he said, “Depending on the height measurements, he might be right.”

Watch the video below to see how Blxst reacts to being called the fourth member of the Migos, how Rubi Rose responds to someone saying she stole an actress’ name, and how Lakeyah replies when someone says she looks like Mike Jones.