A few days ago, Saweetie and Quavo mutually unfollowed each other on social media, prompting fans to believe the rap couple had split up. This wasn’t confirmed until yesterday (March 19) when Saweetie took to Twitter to suggest Quavo’s infidelity was the reason behind their break up. Quavo himself chimed in on his social media with a few words of his own, and it looks like his family is right behind him to defend him. The Migos‘ rapper’s sister Shara took to social media to defend her brother from the “bash fest” happening following his split from the “Best Friend rapper.”

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for dcp

“I have been quiet long enough…I see how this turning to a bash fest towards my brother and that ain’t about to happen at all none of y’all know how Saweetie is in real life but I do know and it ain’t good at all..”  penned Shara on her Instagram story yesterday. Catching wind of the message, Saweetie’s aunt Whitty jumped in to defend her niece. 

“Now now! Do we need Whitty to start airing this MF out??? I’m not gone be half as nice as ol Shara,” fired Whitty. “What she not gone do is speak ill of my niece, I get very disrespectful about mine. Since we sticking our nose in other people business. first they love you then they hate you.” 

She continued in another tweet, “Talkin bout she been quiet long enough. Girl it ain’t even been 24 hours. GTFOH.” 

Shara clapped back at Whitty once again, this time making some very ill-mannered remarks about Saweetie. “Who is Whitty b*tch I don’t know sh*t bout you and you don’t know sh*t bout me but I do know yo niece is a self centered b*tch who [no] body likes!” wrote Whittty. 

She continued to fire, “You wanna air this b*tch out run it h*e this ain’t what you want! Trust Me! Only reason I was nice to any of y’all h*es is because of Qua.”

It seems like Quavo and Saweetie’s breakup has become a family affair. We’ll keep you updated as the situation evolves.