That Coming 2 America feature has Rick Ross thinking about the film industry. Rozay has been enjoying the fruits of his labor as he kicks back on those afternoons on his lavish estate that looks as if it has its own zip code. Ross rented out his estate to Coming to America producers as the Zamunda homestead, and now the rapper has a few questions about movies. The Rap mogul is known for his big business moves and diversified portfolio that keeps those checks coming in, and Ross posed a playful question where he toyed with the idea of creating a movie about his life.

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Cindy Ord / Staff / Getty Images

Over on Instagram, Rozay dropped a few gems on his Instagram Story. In one slide, he asked his viewers who they would have play them in a film, and in the next clip, he asked about himself. “If, question, if your life was a movie, who would play you best?” the rapper asked. He gave a follow-up question. “If there was a film being created around my life, who would play the Boss best? I want your opinion. Who would play Rozay best?”

The answers were interesting, to say the least, as people made suggestions like Jamal Woolard (he portrayed The Notorious B.I.G. in Notorious), Rod Wave, and Sean Kingston. Of course, people slid in the comment section with jokes, as well, but we want to know who you think could tackle the role of Rick Ross in a film about the rapper’s life.