We’ve all bore witness to the rising reports of rappers being arrested in recent years. Just as an artist is seen receiving their due after working hard to crawl their way out of the trenches, authorities detain them on charges spanning from weapons to assault to fraud to drug possession to racketeering to murder. Right now, there are dozens of rappers facing sentences that can not only end their careers but their freedoms.

Fredo Bang was excited to take to the Rolling Loud Miami stage this weekend, but news broke today (July 22) that the Lousiana star was arrested in Florida. While details regarding Fredo’s arrest are pending, Akademiks took to social media to issue a “warning” to rappers who teeter the fine line of the street and Rapstar lifestyles.

“Just a responsible warning to rappers.. u either gonna be a gangsta or a rapper,” wrote Akademiks. “There ain’t no famous criminal that are free and still doing crime. All the gangsta rappers who actually Still live the life they rap about after they got fame… been arrested and served time in the last 5 years. Pick one, Rapper or gangsta. Nobody is both.”

Roddy Ricch agreed with Akademiks’s take and added, “SMH too many young n*ggas [one hundred emojis] The realest sh*t u gone hear @akademiks.” The blogger reposted Roddy’s note and had a few more things to say about the subject.

“I only speak to ppl who are in the entertainment business who choose to be a rapper,” he said. “The stakes are different you gotta pick what is important to you and what u represent… This culture has given us a lot but it takes a lot too.gotta know how to balance it to make senSe.”

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