Over the last week or so, it feels as though Mother Nature has been giving us a huge warning. On the West Coast, temperatures have been rising to unseen heights as some days have been in the 120-degree range. It is a truly insane sight to behold and in some places, there have been horrendous wildfires that are threatening people’s homes and well-being. Many are scared that this could be a trend for decades to come, and as a result, we risk losing valuable habitat space.

Perhaps the most apocalyptic sight, however, was in the Gulf of Mexico where the was a fire in the middle of the ocean yesterday. Oil company Pemex had one of their pipelines rupture which led to a massive fire on the surface of the water. The video of the fire went viral on Twitter and there is no doubt that many were scared about what this says about the way we extract oil.

Eventually, the fire was put out thanks to a healthy dose of nitrogen. No one was harmed in the fire although we imagine this wasn’t very good for the wildlife in the ocean. It truly makes you wonder whether or not drilling for oil using these methods is truly worth the risk.

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Gulf of Mexico

Drew Angerer/Getty Images