It was a sorrowful moment for Serena Williams earlier today (June 29) when she hurt herself just 34-minutes into her Wimbledon match. Days ago, the tennis icon shared that she wouldn’t be making a bid for the Tokyo Olympics, a move that disappointed fans. “I’m actually not on the Olympic list, not that I’m aware of. If so, then I shouldn’t be on it,” she said, adding that she has her reasonings for sitting this one out and would possibly share them at a later time.

However, there were big plans for Williams at Wimbledon as she was in active pursuit of her 24th Grand Slam title. Sadly, a slip on the Centre Court grass would prove to be painful for her right leg, resulting in an injury that took the 39-year-old out of the competition altogether.

Serena Williams, wimbledon
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The moment was captured by cameras as Williams fell to the ground in tears after realizing she was barely able to complete basic movements. Later, she shared a gracious post regarding her Wimbledon exit along with a photo of herself on the court.

“I was heartbroken to have to withdraw today after injuring my right leg,” she wrote. “My love and gratitude are with the fans and the team who make being on centre court so meaningful. Feeling the extraordinary warmth and support of the crowd today when I walked on – and off – the court meant the world to me.”

Check out a video of the moment as well as Williams’s post below.