American champion Sha’Carri Richardson has been suspended from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics because of a failed drug test for marijuana. It was revealed on Thursday night that the 21-year-old sprinter had failed a drug test and was at risk of being suspended for a month, which would force her to miss the Olympics. She revealed she was effectively banned from the event during an appearance on the Today Show on Friday morning.

Accepting a 30-day ban, Sha’Carri Richardson will be cleared to compete on July 27, which means she can realistically perform in the women’s relay race. However, she will miss the 100-meter race, which she qualified for by winning in trials with a time of 10.86 seconds. 

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Richardson recently revealed the death of her mother, claiming that she smoked marijuana as a method of coping with her loss. “I am human,” she tweeted last night before elaborating on television. “I was definitely triggered and blinded by emotions, blinded by badness, and hurting, and hiding hurt. I know I can’t hide myself, so in some type of way, I was trying to hide my pain.”

Because she completed a counseling program, her suspension was lessened from three months to one month. She hopes to be able to compete in the relay, saying, “I’m grateful, but if not, I’m just going to focus on myself.”

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