Wendy Williams got dragged for her recent segment on TikTok star Swavy, who was murdered. On her show, Wendy makes light of his TikTok followers and seemingly tries to elevate herself in the moment. The audience applauded her when it was proclaimed that even though Swavy had more TikTok followers than her, Wendy had more Instagram followers. The moment was strange, watching a crowd clap over Instagram follower comparisons for a child that was just murdered. Nobody was impressed with Wendy afterward, and now Swavy’s family is calling her out. 

Swavy’s mom and older sibling, Chanell Clark and Rahkim Clark, recently spoke with TMZ. They demand that Wendy provide their family with an apology. Chanell is extremely angry, as she was there when her son drew his last breaths. Swavy was shot. “Wendy has always been a messy person,” stated Rahkim.”This is not just any other story, this is not a highlight, this is not a hot topic, this is our real life.”

“I’m so pissed off, because you did him like that,” said Chanell through tears. “I’m looking for an apology, I do want an apology.” Do you think Wendy will say sorry? Check out the 2-minute video below.