From “Clips & Choppers” all the way to “Choppaz N’ Gunz,” it’s fair to say Boosie Badazz knows a thing or two when it comes to, well, whatever your preferred street name is for fully automatics. He’s such a scholar on the subject in fact that he even went to the lengths of getting a custom shot glass made to look like an assault firearm, complete with a loaded chamber of his own liquor.

Of course, you already know Soulja Boy had to come through and claim to be the first rapper to do that as well.

Soulja Boy Boosie Badazz Chopper Shot Glass
Image:  Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET 

Granted, Soulja was actually called out by Boosie this time around. “Soulja Boy! I’m the first one with the chopper shot glass with his own liquor in it — with the Boosie juice!” Boosie said with his signature twang, further adding in graphic detail what exactly he’ll be doing with the “Boosie Juice Pump” once he hits up the club.

Soulja responded in his own slick way, simply tweeting “Mannnn Boosie I been had that,” accompanied by a handful of laughing emojis. As we’ve been seeing a lot recently, the “Kiss Me Through The Phone” emcee has been making claim to a lot of “first-ever” titles in the hip-hop world. 

Let’s see. He’s already claimed to be:

…and, last but certainly not least,

It’s not exactly clear whether or not he’s dead serious about these accolades, or if he sees it as a joke like the rest of us. However, it is definitely entertaining to watch him create his own Guinness Book Of World Records In Rap where he’s the star on each page. 

Keep on shining, Soulja!