Clubhouse has attempted to crack down on people screen-recording conversations, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get around it. For a time, social media couldn’t hear enough about the budding app, and while the buzz surrounding Clubhouse has dissipated, it’s still a popular place for celebrities and influencers to connect.

Recently, Soulja Boy reportedly made his way over to a Clubhouse room and called out an unidentified person who has gotten under the rapper’s skin. “I wanna say your name so bad p*ssy lil’ n*gga, but I can’t make you famous,” said Soulja. “I just can’t.”

Soulja Boy
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

“You can have the clout from the other rappers, that’s cool, but you ain’t gon’ get it from me,” he continued. “I know that’s what you want, you want me to say your name, and I’m not. But just know, I ain’t forgot about you, boy. And I’mma get you. On god. I’mma get you, boy. Speaking on me in the interviews like you know me, n*gga. You don’t know sh*t about me. On god. It can go there. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.”

Soulja Boy added that he “has the money” to “drop a whole million” on his foe’s “head.” He told his unnamed opp, “Don’t play with me.” Soulja didn’t appreciate the person mentioning his name and he let it be known that he’s not going to let it go.

Of curse, fans have speculated about who Soulja coul be talking about. Check out his clip from Clubhouse below.