Despite the online spats and accusations that London On Da Track has faced from the mothers of his children, he was captured having some precious Daddy-Daughter time with the child he shares with a woman named Eboni. In the past, Eboni has aired her grievances with the producer on social media, but it looks as if their familial relationship has changed. 

Eboni posted a clip of London at the piano while their little girl watches on attentively, and in the caption, she added, “I’m cryin [pleading face][red heart emoji].”

Summer Walker, London On Da Track, Eboni
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

It seems that Summer Walker, who just had a baby with London, slid in the comment section but later questioned why her post was deleted. Summer shared a screenshot that showed her comment surrounded by remarks from strangers who criticized Eboni for her prior social media arguments against the singer and London. Some people stated that it was only after London and Summer broke up that Eboni now recognized the producer as a good father. Summer later seemingly called it “pathetic.”

After Summer’s screenshot went viral, Eboni responded. “Aye Summer stay off my page out my comments lil b*tch you outta control now,” she wrote. “I just told London I ain’t have no problem wit you but I see you still a S**** Stankin S***.”

Eboni wasn’t finished. “At this point b*tch you wanna be just like me lil ass b*tch,” she added. “Now you gotta baby wit my baby daddy and you hollering out all that same sh*t I was talkin last year.” As usual, London On Da Track is staying out of harm’s way. Check out the posts below.