Summer Walker has always been known for her internet antics, but she left fans completely shocked on Sunday when she posted a photoset of her in the mirror, only days after giving birth. In the photos, Summer wears a skin-tight caramel-colored dress that shows off her curvy post-pregnancy body. She’s glowing and radiating confidence in the post, certainly lavishing in the love and joy of a new baby– although her caption may say otherwise (“loner”). It’s not entirely clear if these photos were taken after the birth of her daughter, but it is the focus of the comment section.

“She didn’t have to snap back on us like that I mean damn,” said one commenter. “If I was this fine I’d stay alone in my bathroom too lol,” said another comment. Even Erykah Badu couldn’t help but comment in approval: “Snap back,” followed by flame emojis.

Many fans were confused and concerned last week when an Instagram account under the name “Princess Bubblegum” appeared, seemingly run by London and Summer. Some speculated that the two were actually going to name their daughter Bubblegum, but Summer quickly shut down the idea that the account was run by her, saying, “Don’t be sick & obsessed. Let’s respect my privacy.” Summer also noted that there would be no photos of her child on the internet, so it seems like we won’t be getting any cute baby photos anytime soon.

Congrats Summer and London!