As vaccination numbers continue to spike, and COVID-19 numbers decline, everyone is back outside. Unfortunately, even with things returning to some sort of state of normalcy, the pandemic isn’t entirely over. There’s still a high concern over variant strains that doctors have stated are even more infectious and deadly than the original virus. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Swae Lee got the memo.

Mark Davis/Getty Images

On Monday, the Rae Sremmurd member performed in front of a packed audience at Vendome Nightclub in Miami where things undoubtedly got too turnt. Despite how lit the crowd was, they didn’t seem all that convinced when Swae Lee said that the pandemic was officially over. “We back outside and shit. Corona is fuckin’ officially over,” he told a crowd that pretty much went silent when he made the declaration. Aside from the few individuals that were screaming, the majority of the crowd seemingly disapproved of such a statement. Fortunately for him, he quickly jumped into “Black Beatles” and the crowd forgot about his claim. 

Florida, specifically, was heavily hit by COVID-19. Though numbers aren’t as high as they were last year, it’s still a growing concern. Earlier today, reports emerged revealing that cases in the Sunshine State soared by 42% while COVID-19 vaccination numbers declined.

Everyone might be outside but there’s no harm in being cautious.