The Elusive “Seinfeld” Soundtrack Has Finally Released

More often than not, Jerry Seinfeld’s opening act through each episode of his iconic series tends to be…hmm, how to be this lightly: not anywhere near as funny as the remainder of the show. When it comes to those first 30 to 46 seconds of Jerry pacing around the stage, no one cares to hear jokes. That’s always what the remaining 20-some-odd minutes of Seinfeld is for.

We all know why that first scene is integral to the state of television, and, phonetically, it goes a little something likeĀ bom bom ba bum bomĀ tsss.

A sliver over twenty-three years after its series finale, its iconic soundtrack is available for download across all streaming services. Its 31-song tracklist features every transition and odd rendition of the theme song you can possibly imagine. A highlight would have to be “Kramer’s Bachelor Audition,” a 40-second long, synth-fest that he’d be sure to label “a funky adventure.” And even that may be an understatement.

Jonathan Wolff, or not surprisingly more known as Seinfeld Music Guy, is no stranger to working on other programs, as he composed for well over 50 different sitcoms over the years. Genuinely speaking, though, once you are known as the talent who curated the most mock-rocked theme song known to man, it must be easy for all other work to be overshadowed.

At this point, society virtually has no need to even watch the show. With Hulu pulling it off as the time-marking series is set to be available on Netflix, why not just listen to this entire album on loop instead?

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