Last night was a rough one for Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks. After going up 1-0 against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Hawks were blown out in Game 2 as the final score was 125-91. The Bucks were dominant from start to finish and they were able to keep Young to just 16 points. Young had multiple turnovers throughout the game, and many fans felt like he had his worst game of the playoffs thus far. After all, the Bucks are a superior team, and it’s going to be a fight for Atlanta to win.

After the game, while speaking to reporters, Young admitted that he was off on Friday night and that moving forward, he needs to be more protective of the ball, otherwise, this series could get out of hand very quickly.

Trae Young

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“That’s all on me,” Young said per ESPN. “I’ve got to be better at taking care of the ball. And do a better job of at least getting us a shot and not turning it over so much. And I’ve got to do better and I will be better next game.”

With the series going back to Atlanta, the Hawks have a very solid chance of taking a lead in the series. However, if they play like they did on Friday, then the Bucks could very well be up 3-1 by early next week.

Trae Young

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