Travis Scott has been on the grind of a lifetime 2020 and 2021– but he’s barely made any music. Collaborations with everyone from McDonalds, Playstation, and video game Fortnite have seen the rapper move away from the studio and into our homes. Now, Travis is adding another collaboration to his belt, though, with a larger meaning. A new Cactus Jack/Dior collection was announced today as part of a partnership to honor Scott’s late friend and rapper Pop Smoke, who was a known Dior fanatic.

Scott teased the collaboration with an Instagram post on Friday highlighting a t-shirt with Pop Smoke‘s face on it. The caption on the t-shirt reads “YOU CANT SAY POP AND FORGET THE SMOKE. NOW U IN ALL THE STORES 4 EVER,” a reference to the duo’s 2019 song “GATTI”.

Fans went wild on the internet earlier this week when rumors began circulating that the partnership was happening, after Travis Scott was seen in public with a Dior/Cactus Jack logo. The jacket exhibited a Cactus Jack logo fused with a larger Dior logo, and fans hope the jacket will be included in the collection, which is set to be revealed in full today, Friday, June 25.

Pop Smoke blew up off the Brooklyn Drill scene in 2019 with his hit track “Dior.” Dior has always been a staple of Pop Smoke‘s closet and lyrical brags, name-dropping the brand in multiple songs. The back of Travis’ newly-designed t-shirt reads “When it rains it pours,” in reference to “Dior.” Pop Smoke was killed at the age of 20 while at a rental home in the Hollywood Hills. Four people, including three minors, currently sit in jail awaiting trial for the murder.

Are you excited for this new collection? Does it do Pop Smoke justice? Let us know and check out the announcement below: