Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson isn’t so much of a car guy in real life. After all, there wouldn’t be much reason to leave your house and go anywhere, if you lived in the seven bedroom, six-story, 25,000 square foot mansion Gibson lives in these days. The actor gave Architectural Digest a tour of his property in a video posted on Youtube, complete with discussions about his two 16-foot-tall Transformer statues and a completely isolated garden and swimming pool. 

The house is fortified with multiple high-end office spaces, fancy music studios, and Gibson’s master bedroom titled the “love nest.” Despite its massive size and often victorian layout, Gibson admits the house gives off more warmth and comfort than it might seem. “I wanted guests to feel the regal energy, the regal vibe,” Gibson said, “But it’s very livable. No one comes into my house and, I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, you can’t sit here’.”

The house has gone through a number of owners, all of which Gibson gives thanks to for putting the work they had into the house. Other notable rooms include Gibson’s “shark tank” office built with a roaring fire and a two acre yard that leads to an isolated pool. 

Gibson concludes with: “As I pull up to my house every day, I am literally in disbelief that it’s mine… People come over and they don’t want to leave. This place has been a gift that keeps on giving…and I will never, ever let it go.”

The actor’s not-so-humble abode is certain to make anyone jealous.

Do you think this house is impressive? Check out the video below.