Crew members of NBC’s game show “Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide” were sent slipping and sliding to nearby port-a-potties after they contracted the gastrointestinal parasite giardia on the set of the show’s new season. The parasite, which causes an infection in the intestine, caused the entire set to shut down as lucky crew members raced to bathrooms and unlucky ones collapsed in stomach pain. The hosts, Bobby Moynihan and Ron Funches, have tested negative for the parasite. 

NBC Studios

Michael Nagle/Getty Images

Production of the new season paused on June 2nd after the first positive case was reported. The parasite, which travels through drinking water and person-to-person contact, was then tested for in the set’s pond, pools, and restroom sinks. One positive test returned. 

Giardia most commonly causes intense stomach pain and diarrhea in those infected, making for not only uncomfortable symptoms but a painful experience for members of the crew. Universal Television Alternative Studios, which manages the production of the show under NBC, maintains that the health and safety of their crew are a top priority. Though they have only one week left to shoot out of the seven allotted weeks, the production company is weighing when to resume filming and if they have to choose a new location.

With the nature of the parasite and the name of the show, the jokes certainly make themselves. Share some of your favorites down below!