Vince Staples released his self-titled album last week, which has received rave reviews from hip-hop fans over the weekend. As people continue to dissect the album, the North Long Beach native got caught up with an old friend on Twitter, having a hilarious interaction with Lil Nas X, whom he supposedly knows from community college.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

“congrats on the new album it’s me montero from community college,” wrote Lil Nas X in response to one of Vince’s latest tweets. 

“Wassup bro when you tryna hoop you wasting yo height,” joked Vince in his response. Lil Nas X stands 6’1″ and Vince is 5’8″, according to Google.

i only play with one type of balls bro,” responded LNX in hilarious fashion.

“N***a it’s 8 AM,” struck back Vince.

“this is so embarrassing my grandma had my phone,” explained Lil Nas.

This wasn’t the kind of interaction that many of us were expecting between Lil Nas X and Vince Staples. The filterless LNX walked himself into the perfect opportunity to make an uncomfortable joke with the celebrated rapper, and Vince seemingly found it pretty funny, despite dismissing the comment and telling Lil Nas to chill since it was still so early in the morning.

Do you want to see a collaboration between these two in the future?