If we were to believe Michael Rapaport’s screenshot revelation at face value, one would think that Kevin Durant is unhinged. An argument that looks to have started back in December reared its ugly head this week after Rapaport uploaded screenshots of a DM conversation with the NBA star. In it, Durant was upset that Rapaport continued to criticize him publicly, and then, Durant seemed to taunt him over a lawsuit. Insults were slung from Durant as he called for the actor to meet up with him face-to-face, but according to Durant, this is normal for the relationship he has with Rapaport.

A Twitter user wrote that Rapaport was scared of Durant and that’s why he decided to go public with their private conversation. “Me and mike talk CRAZIER than this on the regular and today he’s pissed….My bad mike, damn!!” Durant replied. The baller even slid in Rapaport’s comments. “I WOULD NEVER FIGHT MIKE… THE PORTNOY THING WAS TOO FAR I SEE…..my bad I apologize.”

In a separate comment on the same post, Durant added, “Wow u acting brand new now?? We been talking like this for years and u get serious today. Wowww. Smhhh.” Meanwhile, since calling out his former friend, Rapaport has dedicated his Instagram page to the Brooklyn Nets star. The actor posted a video clip of him and Durant during happier times and in the caption, he added, “A long time ago we used to be friends @easymoneysniper but you let your insecurities ruin it all @deancollins.”

Check out more from these two about this situation below.