The 4th of July weekend ended in tragedy for the family of Matima Miller, better known as “Swavy” and “Babyface” online. The popular TikTok star boasts millions of followers on the video-centered app, and he was mourned by the tens of thousands of fans who couldn’t believe he was gone. According to reports, it was on Monday (July 5) when police responded to a scene in Delaware where Miller had been gunned down. There haven’t been many updates or details regarding the shooting shared by investigators, but Wendy Williams used the story on her “Hot Topics” and it didn’t bode over well with the public.

Williams’s “Hot Topics” segment has often gotten her into trouble, and this time around, people called out the talk show host’s insensitivity.

To begin, Williams asked her studio audience to “clap” if they knew who Swavy was. A few sparse reactions came from her audience before Williams went on to ask her adoring employees if they were familiar with the TikTok star. They weren’t, and the host noted that Swavy has 2.5 million followers on TikTok, more than she does.

She was reminded that she has more followers than Swavy on Instagram, a fact that was applauded, and throughout the entire cringe-worthy conversation, a photo of Swavy stood in the background before Williams acknowledged that he had been murdered. Soon, the clip went viral on several social media platforms as people were in disbelief that Williams would be outwardly concerned about her follower count rather than the deceased 19-year-old.

Check out the clip, and a few reactions, below.