YG & The 4Hunnid Squad Teams Up For “Gang Affiliated” Compilation Album

Following months of loose singles from YG, Day Sulan, and D3Szn, the entire gang at YG‘s record label 4Hunnid Records has teamed up to release a proper compilation album. Released on 4Hunnid records in partnership with epic records, the 4Hunnid compilation tape features the group of artists handpicked and developed by Compton native YG, including Day Sulan, D3Szn, Mitch, and Tay2x. Titled Gang Affiliated, 4Hunnid’s new joint album marks the label’s first project featuring all of four of YG’s artist.

At sevent tracks long, Gang Affiliated is mostly an in-house affair, but on tracks such as “Yellow Tape” and “Roxanne,” 4Hunnid recruits DDG and Band Gang Lonnie Bands for respective guest features. Although YG appears on five of the project’s seven tracks, he mostly takes the backseat to his artists, giving them the space and platform to showcase their talents. Previously heard bangers “Hit Em Up” and “Bailar” are also included on Gang Affiliated, and they are the only tracks in which 4Hunnid’s leading lady Day Sulan appears. Mitch only makes one appearance on “Might Be” while D3Szn and Tay2xs pretty much carry Gang Affiliated, with five and three appearances, respectively.

How does 4Hunnid’s roster compare to other similar Hip-Hop record labels?


1. D3Szn, YG & Tay2xs – Op Vibes
2. YG, D3Szn & Day Sulan – Hit Em Up
3. Day Sulan & YG – Bailar
4. D3Szn – Yellow Tape (feat. DDG)
5. D3Szn, Day Sulan, Mitch & YG – Might Be
6. Tay2x – Roxanne (feat. Band Gang Lonnie Bands)
7. D3Szn, Tay2x & YG – My Bruddas

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