YNW Melly Checks In With Queen Naija On “Pieces”

Although still incarcerated for murder charges, YNW Melly continues to drop some high-quality stuff, and it’s needless to say he’s got his hopes up in regards to taking that even further through the summer.

On this new track, he details the lack of communication between himself and an old flame of his (“Haven’t spoke to you it’s been a couple weeks / I’m just checkin’ making sure you’re breathing”) as he glides up and down the hook. 

In all honesty, Queen Naija is the standout of the song all to herself. Needless to say how hard it is to believe that these two even ended up making a song together, but, damn, she really goes in. She even suggests that her partner is in some desperate need of therapy, singing “Swear you got deep-rooted issues, it ain’t healthy,” which is insanely bold to just come out in the middle of an argument.

While we wait for his new album to drop, you can hear the newest Melly track below, and let us know which verse you like more.

Quotable Lyrics:
Got a text from you, it said that you were leavin’ (You were leavin’)
And I don’t even really know the reason (I don’t know the reason)
Haven’t spoke to you, its been a couple weeks (Been a couple weeks)
And, I’m just checkin’, makin’ sure that you’re still breathin

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